Laser Cut Facade/ Exterior Cladding/ Exterior Screens
BuildDirect Africa is Africa's First and Biggest Manufacturer of Laser Cut Architectural Facade for both residential and commercial building projects.
At BuildDirect Africa, we Design, Manufacture and Install Laser Cut Architectural Facade using metals and non-metals (Double sided Aluminium, Steel Panels).
BuildDirect Africa Laser Cut Architectural Building Facade are proudly manufactured in Africa using our state of the art Laser Cutting and folding machinery, made from marine grade aluminium. The panels are pre-treated then powder coated. Their lightweight makes them easy to install and reduces load on structural components. The lifespan of our Laser Cut double-sided Aluminium Composite Panels Screens is much greater when compared to the regular composite materials and will keep your building looking good for many years.
BuildDirect Laser Cut Architectural Building Facade can be manufactured to almost any size and to suit any situation. Any design can be created or simply choose any of our large range of Laser Cut Panel designs. With BuildDirect Africa, the options are endless.

Endless Decorative Facade Options:

Our Laser Cut Facades are the perfect choice for new and existing buildings, we have a large range of design and installation options that ensure you get exactly what you want every time.

Quality & Precision:

Our team at BuildDirect Africa has state of the art German Laser Cutting and folding machinery at our disposal that allows us to manufacture your building facade requirements to pinpoint accuracy.
MATERIALS : 4mm, 5mm, 6mm Single Sided/ Double Sided Aluminium Composite Panel
SHEET SIZE : 1220x2440 | 1220 x 3000 | 1220x6000 | 1500x2400 | 1500x3000 | 1500x6000

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